What is 4K Resolution?

Individuals with fairly new televisions probably have a resolution of 1920 x 1080, which offers up an image of about 2 million pixels. This makes a beautiful image that is perfect for those watching television or movies. However, a new breed of technology is offering up the 4K Quad resolution high definition television. It offers up a resolution of about 3480 x 2160, which translates to an image of about 8 million pixels. With such a good resolution, you only need iptv subscription UK to get the most out of it all.

Clarity and Viewing Distance

The picture clarity the 4K Panel TV will offer is simply unprecedented. With most high-definition televisions, there is a viewing distance that is optimal for the perfect clarity and picture quality. With the 4K Panel TV, the viewing distance can be less than with the typical 1920 x 1080 televisions. While this won’t make a difference for the average movie watcher, it will be a big boon to the gamer community.

Gamers tend to like being closer to the screen in their gaming chairs. This type of resolution will also be great for those people with smaller amounts of space in the living rooms or dens, and provides more versatility for consumers.

Issues with Quad Resolution

The one obstacle 4K or quad resolution technology has is the content available. However, the content is sure to be produced as demand for it grows, and until then, the largest benefit of quad resolution is the 3-D aspect. These televisions will be able to deliver the 3-D effect without the 3-D glasses. This increases viewer comfort and convenience as well as providing ultimate picture quality and clarity. Companies like Sony have planned 4K content for the near future, including movies like Spiderman and a new Blu-Ray player with 4K capabilities. Those in the industry seem to think the 4K Panel TV will be the last high-resolution technology consumers will need.