Flatliners is a remake about five medical students who made a daring experiment to determine what happens right after a person dies. By stopping their hearts for a few minutes, it triggers a near-death experience. However these near-death experiences had side effects; they had hallucinations which forced them to confront the sins of their past.

There is absolutely no reason to remake this movie; the original Julia Roberts movie is not memorable and the remake outcome is mediocre, the remake is worse than the original. The film took the concept of the original movie and tried to expand upon but did not achieve that goal. If you are to remake a movie, you need to make sure it is better than the original, not on this case. Having said that, this is not the worst movie, it is not great but not bad either.

Saving grace is the impressive special effects and great musical score. It is not the scariest thriller movie but the pacing is great, no dull moment; the plot is easy to follow with no gigantic holes. The scary scenes are the best part of the movie.

It is not an Oscar winning movie but is entertaining if you have time; it is more of a thriller than a horror movie. It has a unique take on handling life challenges. You can try a lot of other options to kill your boredom. The one thing you have to do is get a good subscription service. Having a reliable firestick iptvwhich offers a range of entertainment options will be good for you.

Flatliners stars Ellen Page as Courtney, Diego Luna as Ray, Nina Dobrev as Marlo, James Norton as Jamie, Kiersey Clemons as Sophia, Kiefer Sutherland as Nelson, directed by Niels Arden Oplev and written by Ben Ripley from Columbia Pictures.