Tarot card reading is the art of divining wisdom through a spread of tarot cards. An intention is made after connecting to their divine or spiritual guides. It does not reveal new information but brings awareness to what you already know.


There are 22 Major and 56 minor arcane; the major arcana reveal higher while the minor reveal lesser secrets. The major arcana are numbered 0 to 21 and start with fool and end with the world, representing milestones in a life’s journey. Each individual may undergo several life cycles in one lifetime.

The minor arcana can be classified into four suits, wands, cups, swords, and pentacles. Fourteen cards in each suit are numbered from ace to ten, and court cards like page, knight, king, and queen. The minor arcana symbolize daily aspects such as opportunities, challenges, talents, and experiences. Each suit represents an element, like pentacles representing earth, cups representing water, swords representing air, and fire.

Many tarot cards set comes with a booklet informing the meaning of the cards based on their illustrations; However, most cards have common meanings individual variations also occur depending on each author.

Reversed tarot cards are normally read in an upright position concerning the illustration; however, sometimes, even after shuffling, the card may be reversed; that is, the illustration will be inverse. Many tarot readers do not read reverse cards; some read it as having the same meaning but with less power or that you may be blocking its energy, while some other tarot card readers read it as opposite energy; it is an individual preference.

The Rider-Waite is the most widely used tarot deck; other known decks include the Golden tarot, Wildwood tarot, and The Crowley Troth tarot.

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Based on the pattern in which the cards are spread or laid out, there are different kinds of spreads available in most online tarot cards, such as the Celtic card spread, which uses 11 cards; the pentagram spread, the tree of life spread, simpler spreads such as three-card, five-card, and seven-card spreads are also available.


Tarot card readings involving online tarot cards are effective in dispelling fears of unknown occurrences and can give a prediction of what is to come. Most trained tarot card readers can tell things that occurred in the past and what’s happening in the present and predict the future with reasonable accuracy.